4 Tips to Get Architect Job in Dubai Real Estate Sector

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Dubai has been the center of economic growth across the Gulf for years now. Be it the proliferating education sector, or the number of multinationals foraying into the Dubai job market, the chances to learn from the industry are high as well. Building on similar lines, think about the lucrative Dubai real estate sector grabbing eyeballs from all around the world. Surely, marvels like the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah have been on top of every professional’s wish list, but the competition in the Dubai real estate sector has been fierce nevertheless.

Nevertheless, one should always think about the right ways to score a job rather than fretting over the huge number of aspiring professionals flocking to this part of the world in thousands and millions every year. For those interested by the architecture prospects with the Emirati corporations in Dubai, opportunities are in great abundance. All one needs is to stick to the basics and play the game right.

Tips to become Highly Employable Architect

in Dubai Real Estate Sector

Shared below are 4 such tips that will make you a highly employable candidate in Dubai real estate sector. Drop sufficient glances and arm yourself for success.

1. Start With the Job Basics First

Be it an architect job or one with a rocket manufacturing firm, the rules of scoring a job in this emirate stay near about same for most of the professions. It all begins with a concise and crisp resume along with your job application, along with ample research before the interview. Remember, Dubai real estate market is one of the foremost market on the globe right now and the employer would have ample alternatives from the get go. Keep yourself safe and undergo enough research at your end. Study the market trends, consumer preferences and the kind of designs usually adapted by real estate firms in Dubai.

2. Get a Track Record of all Past Projects

Now obviously, applying with any leading Emirati corporation for architecture job roles requires a strong portfolio at your end. What’s required is to maintain a ‘brag sheet’ where you list all the past work experiences (preferably international), the projects you were a part of during graduation and internships and all the major seminars/events you have attended to work on your architecture prowess in the industry.

Adding to the same, you need to find a great relevance between your working style and that expected by the employers here. Who knows, this factor alone gets you the job you were looking for, since ever!

3. Work on Your Networking Skills

Today, scoring a job in any field in Dubai is all about keeping it calm and having an extensive network to help you out during the process. What helps during such times is using social media for the good.

You have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, platforms that are really helpful in letting an individual be an active participant among-st industry pertinent communities. Make good use of these and stay in regular touch with leading architects and professionals working in Dubai real estate industry.

4. If not a Job, Start with some Internship Experience

It completely understood if the competition here is too cut-throat to handle. It takes time to get the hang of the working environment here. What stands imperative is utilizing the time at hand and getting some local internship experience in your portfolio. In Dubai real estate sector many companies are staying on an active lookout for talented graduates. Leave the income aside and go for it. It will be really beneficial in the long run.

Hack are numerous to apply. But in the end, it all comes down to the zeal you hold to work here!

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