Dubai is Still the Land of Opportunities for the Indian Job Seekers

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Dubai, the land where East and West meet each other, has always been the dream destination for expats looking to turn their dreams into reality. Dubai with some very attractive advantages like tax rebates, cheap oil price and high living standards have encouraged overseas residents across the world to make Dubai their second home. It has been estimated that around 88% of the residents in Dubai are expats; Indians contributing highest to the population. Since the turn of the millennium, Indian job seekers have found in Dubai the perfect destination to make their fortune.

Dubai a hotspot for Indian Job Seekers

Dubai has it all, from the blue collar jobs with good pay that can help the workers to live their family from poverty to high paying white collar executive jobs that will lift their status; there are various sectors like engineering and marketing where Indians are in great demand. Though, there are fears that the job market will dry up in the future; long-time residents who have lived in Dubai for more than 10 years have said that they have seen worst phases and this will be a passing phase too. With the hosting of World Expo 2020 in Dubai, the job scenario should become better, with the expectation of more than 300,000 jobs to be created. The infrastructure is also going to see massive changes which will open up a lot of jobs in the real estate sector.

Why Dubai is hotspot for Indian Job Seekers?

There are various reasons that Dubai has become a hotspot for Indian job seekers. Some of these are:

1. Good air connectivity

It is an important factor that attracts Indian job seekers. It enjoys good air connectivity with many Indian cities with just 3-5 flying hours.

2. Abundance of Indian Food

There are many Indian restaurants which serve food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So you will never get the awkward feeling of eating something different.

3. Acceptance

Dubai accepts all personalities with open arms,
be it Indians or expats from other countries,
making it easy for people to adapt.

How to Get Job in Dubai

If you have understood the opportunities that Dubai presents to Indian job seekers but haven’t able to find one, the following points will help you:

1. Research the job markets in Dubai

You have to know the job market very well in order to exploit the advantages that it has to offer. Do research on the type of professions that are related to your skills and are in great demand in Dubai. Focus on that job market and there is a high chance that you will get the opportunity to work in that industry.

2. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

Understand your own strengths and weaknesses. The job market of Dubai, though offers vast opportunities, is highly competitive. You need to be at your very best to be successful in the job interviews as most of the times you will only get one shot at it. Improve your skills which are important in your profile.

3. Take the help of online job portals

It is easy to get updates on job opportunities through online portals. Get registered in some of the best gulf online job portals that will help you to get job opportunities in your required field of work.

4. Be prepared and remain confident

In the end it will all come to how you prepare yourself and show the confidence in front of your interviewers. So, be determined and have confidence on your skills. Let the interviewer know that you are well-prepared to make the move to the new country and still perform well.

You should also avoid some common mistakes everyone does while searching for Job in Dubai

With the economy to get a breath of fresh air due to the World Expo 2020 and economic developments, it will surely be good news for the Indian job seekers in Dubai.

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