Insights for Freshly Graduated Students Who Seek to Get Job in Dubai

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Dubai is the job seekers’ paradise because of its booming economy and the tax-free salaries offered to employees. With English taking over as the preferred business language, working in Dubai has become an attractive prospect for people from all across the globe. If you are an entry-level professional who has recently finished his/her studies and seeks to get a job in Dubai, here are a few insights you ought to be aware of.

1. The Industries and the Job Market

The oil and gas industry and the construction industry are the major sectors in the UAE. They create thousands of jobs for engineering students and IT graduates every year. Students with STEM subjects (science, technology, mathematics and engineering) can find work in the energy and manufacturing sectors. And if you have an education background in accountancy, finance or banking, you can find work in the commercial segment of property and finance. Recently, there are also been a boom in the hospitality and tourism industries is becoming more prevalent.

2. Internships and Voluntary Work

There are various work opportunities available for fresh graduates. If your aim is to gain experience, you can take up an internship to begin with. There are summer programs and other voluntary work for recent graduates. Volunteering in Dubai is a good way to build your skills and understand the work culture. It will also help you learn a new language. The benefit of taking up voluntary work is that it looks good on the CV and gives you a chance to build new contacts. But before you take up voluntary work, make sure you have some money saved because voluntary positions are mostly unpaid.

3. Language Requirements

Though English is the language commonly used for business by both locals and expats, it is also important to get a grasp over Arabic to boost your job prospects. As a fresher, you will still have the time and opportunity to take out time to learn a new language. To learn Arabic, you can join the Arabic Language Centre to take language tuition.

4. Visa and Immigration

You should know that before you begin with a new job in Dubai, you will need to get sponsored by your employer so as to obtain the work visa. You will be issued the residence permit once you have a job in hand. To be able to work in Dubai, you need to have both – a work visa and a residence permit. If you are married, your wife can sponsor you and you may later seek employment in Dubai. Overstaying after the expiry of the visa can be ruinous for your career.

5. It is Wiser and More Economical to Socialize over the Internet

To find a job in Dubai you should register with the popular gulf-based job search portals. You can even extend your network by attending expos and job fairs, joining groups and following people on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and career networking sites like LinkedIn. Seek guidance from veterans and professionals already settled here. Interaction over the internet will turn out to be cost-effective, especially if you don’t have a job yet. Dubai can be expensive if you plan to socialize by taking people out for drinks and dinner. So keep those expenditures for later. You can thank your connections once they help you land a job.

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